Interview Video

Will Tyndall

Will Tyndall was born and raised in Chapel Hill, NC.

For now, he is a sophomore student at UNC Chapel Hill, majoring in Political Science and Communication. Will’s dream job is to be a high school civics/government teacher and basketball coach

Love to Basketball

Basketball of Will’s love of his life. He was addicted to playing basketball in his childhood. He played basketball varsity in both of his middle school and high school. Outside the court, he also took on the role of a coach for the AAU(Amateur Athletic Union) team. After entering UNC, he successfully join in the UNC JV basketball team, and acted as one of the team captains!

His basketball highlight

Own Business

Will and his friend Evan opened a basketball camp program called, Hoops on the Hill, in the summer of 2020. Their intension is sharing the fun of basketball with more kids. Their deep love to basketball drove them have a strong willing let more children can enjoy playing basketball and fall in love with it.

Running this camp, they need to take charge of almost everything, including finance, marketing and communication. Throughout operating it, Will learned a lot of valuable working experience, and also gained many happy and unforgettable memories.


Will is passionate about basketball, politics, and engaging with the youth of his community. He will continue to be involved with Hoops On The Hill after he has passed it on, and hopes to send his own kids to Hoops On The Hill one day.

“Gratitude reciprocates”