About Me

Ryan Zhu

My name is Ryan Zhu, and I was born and raised in Fuzhou, a small city in southern China. For now, I’m a sophomore in UNC, majoring in Sports Administration and planning to choose MEJO as my minor.

Basketball is the love of my life 

I genuinely believe that basketball is the love of my life. I am also a crazy fan of Kobe Bryant. He is my inspiration for basketball and his Mamba Mentality of never giving up influence me profoundly since my childhood. During the high school, I was the president of school basketball club and also one of basketball varsity members. I won the championship of school basketball competition with my team. 

These invaluable experiences also motivated me to selected sports administration as my major and inspired me to work for an NBA team as my future career goal.

Me and my team won the championship of school basketball competition
In the Lakers game

Loyal Tar Heel fan

After coming to UNC, I was deeply impressed and fascinated by the strong sports atmosphere here. Witnessing UNC go all the way to the NCAA finals against all odds, and crying over our loss in the finals, I am determined to work for this team that I love as a student manager, doing my part to contribute the team!

Me and my friends watched NCAA Final Game together

Music also plays an indispensable part in my life 

I have loved singing since I was a child. I love pop music, R&B, hiphop. During my high school time, I surprisingly won the champion of school singers competition. From then on, I also participated in many school-wide and city-wide performances.

Music connect myself to my soul and with the outside world and also help me relieves stress when I’m anxious and stressful

My Family

My family loves me very much and always there to support me behind the scenes. They encourage me to bravely explore new things and not be afraid to fail. I really appreciate them for providing me with an opportunity to learn what I am interested in and what I really enjoy doing. I’m pretty glad I have such a family!

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