Introduction of the Project

Hoops on the Hill

Hoops On The Hill is a youth basketball camp open to all ages, genders, and skill levels. All basketball lovers are welcome to join. It is held on South Campus Recreation Complex at UNC.

Camp’s life

There are two founders. Will Tyndall and Evan Aycock started this camp in 2020 as a fun activity for kids in the community during COVID-19, and it’s grown bigger than they ever imagined. In the summer of 2022, they had five weeks of camp with almost 100 different campers.

Will(left) and Evan(right) working on Hoops On The Hill

In this camp, campers would be arranged to different training groups according to their own skill levels, that ensure everyone could benefit more. In every training day, campers would do drills, contests, and play competitive games, honing skills through practice and gaining grows in each competitive game. Let them really enjoy the fun and enthusiasm basketball brings to them!

Game highlight clips in the camp

While Hoops On The Hill is first and foremost a basketball camp, the fun they have and friendships they build are the main reasons why two founders so passionate about their camp. Even though there was a gap in age and strength, all of the campers still gained invaluable and deep friendships and connection with each others during the camp through playing basketball. That’s exactly the true beauty of basketball!

Campers came to JV basketball game to support Will

Will and Evan are currently working on Hoops On The Hill Summer 2023, and can’t wait to get it going once again! They also there waiting for more people who also love basketball to join them!

“Let’s Go Hooping Together on the Hill”

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